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Epilepsy: Coping, Support, and Living Well

Coping With Epilepsy Living your best life. Knowing exactly how to manage epilepsy is just as vital as treating it. Having epilepsy will certainly impact your every day life to some extent, and also understanding points like its emotional effect, work obstacles, safety and security issues, and also extra can assist you better handle your problem as well as daily living. Every person copes differently as well as may have differing degrees of needs. Utilize these techniques to determine what’s finest for you and also employ the aid of others as you work to employ them.



Coping With Epilepsy Living your best life. Knowing exactly how to manage epilepsy is just as vital as treating it. Having epilepsy will certainly impact your every day life to some extent, and also understanding points like its emotional effect, work obstacles, safety and security issues, and also extra can assist you better handle your problem as well as daily living. Every person copes differently as well as may have differing degrees of needs. Utilize these techniques to determine what’s finest for you and also employ the aid of others as you work to employ them.


Being diagnosed with epilepsy can be devastating as a result of the transformed road you know is in advance. Not just does this problem impact you physically through seizures, yet it can likewise impact you emotionally, resulting in feelings of despair, sadness, or even temper.
While it could be alluring to avoid learning more about your epilepsy, learning about the causes of your problem, as well as the treatments your doctor recommends for you, can be extremely encouraging. It additionally assists to be able to divide the facts from the misconceptions and also misunderstandings that you might have found out about epilepsy. Verywell and also the Epilepsy Foundation’s internet site are great places to begin.
Depression is approximated to impact one in 3 individuals with epilepsy at some time in their lives. If you observe symptoms of clinical depression and/or stress and anxiety in yourself or your child with epilepsy, talk to your doctor.
Treatment for depression can assist and also improve your quality of life significantly. It might likewise be valuable to keep a journal. Writing down your ideas can aid you iron out your sensations.
Epilepsy can be a bumpy trip, as well as it’s important that you have a medical professional you’re comfortable with as well as who comprehends the emotional low and high you’ll experience.
If you can not claim that about your own, it may be time to locate a new one. You are most likely going to see this person frequently for the foreseeable future, so make certain it’s somebody you can trust and freely connect with. Being able to discuss your issues and progression with your medical professional will assist you both in discovering the best therapy for your epilepsy and also leave you really feeling more certain. You can utilize our Doctor Conversation Overview listed below to help start that discussion.


Epilepsy might impact physical aspects of your life such as rest and also workout. Specific behaviors can help decrease the physical influence.

Take Your Medications As Directed

The medications you take to control your seizures are vital to your treatment. It is very important that you never miss a dose due to the fact that this could mean a loss of control over your seizures. Similarly, you need to never stop taking your medicine completely without your physician’s authorization and supervision, as this can bring about severe difficulties and also even fatality.
If the negative effects from your drug end up being very irritating, or your prescription is not controlling your seizures totally, review this with your doctor. She or he may choose to alter your dose, change the medication, or include one more medicine or therapy to your regimen.
Because strict adherence to your medication program is an absolute requirement, it may be useful to keep these suggestions in mind:


– Purchase a low-cost tablet organizer and also fill it a week in advance. It can also help to mark off your drugs as you take them, on paper or utilizing an application.
– Set an alarm system on your watch or smartphone to advise you to take your medicine, or take into consideration making use of a medication-related application. Don’t be afraid to employ a person, such as a companion or buddy, to advise you as well, at least early.
– If you are unable to afford your drug, speak to your physician. Some pharmaceutical companies supply price cut plans based upon earnings. Your doctor might have the ability to change you to a more economical drug, as well.
– If you create nausea or vomiting and also throwing up for any factor that causes you to be unable to restrain your medication, contact your doctor right away. Sometimes intravenous seizure drugs are required until you are able to take oral medications once more.
– Maintain your refills up to date. Always try to replenish your drug 3 to 4 days in advance (and longer if you get mail-order prescriptions). If you’re planning a journey, speak with your pharmacist well beforehand; he or she might have the ability to collaborate with your insurance provider to provide an exception for an early refill or arrange for your prescription to be filled at one more drug store.

Having Surgery?

If you’re having surgery as well as are informed to fast ahead of time, you should still take your seizure drugs, with a little sip of water, unless your specialist tells you otherwise. Be sure the surgical group learns about your epilepsy and that your neurologist learns about the surgery.

Get Enough Sleep

For many people, rest deprival is a significant seizure trigger.1 The quantity as well as top quality of rest that you obtain can impact your seizure size, regularity, timing, and occurrence. Due to this, it is very important to prioritize your sleep as well as to work to see to it it’s as excellent quality as possible.
If you have seizures during the night, they might create you to wake up often as well as only obtain fragmented light rest. This can lead to daytime sleepiness. Speak with your doctor if your seizures are creating you to shed sleep as this can lead to more seizures on the whole.
Some medications to prevent seizures can cause side effects like drowsiness, insomnia, or problem dropping or staying asleep. Make sure to talk to your physician about this too if these sleep disruptions are serious or do not vanish. You might be able to attempt a different medicine instead.

Don’t Rule Out Sports and Activities

In the past, people with epilepsy usually weren’t permitted to join sports. Yet workout is useful for epilepsy, so staying energetic should be urged. Choosing activities wisely, nevertheless, is important.
The International Organization Versus Epilepsy (ILAE) supplies guidelines medical professionals can make use of to recommend exercise for individuals of any ages with epilepsy.
Various kinds of exercise, tasks, and sporting activities are split into three groups based on danger.2 If you have epilepsy, your doctor will certainly advise exercise based upon the type of seizure you have and also exactly how often they occur.
Speak with your medical professional regarding what activities as well as sporting activities are right for you and your condition, as well as be sure to have an open conversation with trainers concerning your scenario as well as safety measures, must you have a seizure while participating.



Interacting with others who additionally have epilepsy can not only aid you deal with your epilepsy, it may likewise assist you to handle it as well. Getting pointers, recommendations, and also reading about others’ experiences can also make you really feel less separated as well as alone.
There are support groups that fulfill face-to-face, yet there are additionally lots of on the internet forums that are specifically committed to individuals struggling with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Structure has area forums, a chat room, as well as a 24/7 helpline to address questions. You can likewise contact your local Epilepsy Foundation associate, which is a remarkable resource for info, assistance, as well as education and learning.
Your loved ones are additionally essential allies. Speaking with your family and friends regarding epilepsy paves the way to understanding and approval both for you as well as for them. Let them understand what occurs during your seizures, what makes up an emergency, and just how this diagnosis makes you really feel.
You might wish to take into consideration informing your colleagues regarding your diagnosis as well as just how to take care of a seizure also. Being gotten ready for a scenario in which you have a seizure, particularly if it develops into an emergency circumstance, will help you all feel much less distressed.
Right here’s a general checklist of what to do when somebody has a seizure– advice you can show to those you spend considerable amounts of time with:3.
– Remain calmness. Seizures can be terrifying, however lots of seizures are generally safe and also pass within a couple of minutes.
– Move the person far from anything that may damage him or her if the seizure includes shaking.
– Roll the individual onto his/her side.
– Do not place anything in the individual’s mouth.
– Time the seizure as very closely as you can.
– Enjoy thoroughly to see what happens during the seizure. If you have the individual’s consent ahead of time, video record it due to the fact that this can be useful for therapy purposes.
– If the seizure lasts for more than 5 mins, is followed closely by another seizure, the individual isn’t getting up, or if the person has actually instructed you to get aid whenever a seizure of any kind of kind takes place, obtain emergency aid.
– If you’re uncertain if the person needs emergency aid, call anyway. It’s far better to be excessively cautious.
– Stick with the individual up until help shows up.
Looking After A Person Having an Epileptic Seizure.


There are all type of functional elements to think of when it concerns dealing with epilepsy.

Screen Time

Computer game, computer systems, tablet computers, and smart devices are a large part of our culture, you might be bothered with the fast-moving photos and blinking or brilliant lights creating seizures, specifically if it’s your youngster who has epilepsy.
Blinking or brilliant lights can activate seizures, but it only takes place in about 3 percent of individuals with epilepsy.
Called photosensitive epilepsy, this is more common in youngsters and teenagers, specifically those who have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or generalised epilepsy, as well as it’s unusual by the time youngsters become grownups.4.
For individuals that have photosensitive epilepsy, it generally takes the right combination of particular variables to trigger a seizure: a particular degree of brightness, the speed of light flashing, the wavelength of light, range from the light, as well as the contrast between the background and the source of light.
Steering clear of from strobe lights, resting a minimum of two feet away from TELEVISION screens in a well-lit space, utilizing a computer monitor with a glow guard, as well as lowering the brightness on screens can assist. Medicine functions well to regulate numerous situations of photosensitive epilepsy.
Exposure to these stimuli does not trigger photosensitive epilepsy to create. Either someone has this level of sensitivity or they do not.


According to the Centers for Condition Control and also Avoidance (CDC), about 470,000 kids in the USA have epilepsy.5 This means that a lot of school areas around the country have or have had some students with epilepsy enlisted eventually. However, every person’s epilepsy is various.
As a parent, it’s your job to support for your kid’s requirements. In order to do that, you need to recognize what those needs are and what choices are offered to your child at school. The Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act (IDEA) was written to assist both moms and dads as well as trainees discover support.6.
Because epilepsy usually accompanies problems such as autism, finding out disabilities, or mood problems, each kid encounters special obstacles. In a school setup, a youngster’s demands fall under 3 groups, including:.



Your child might require assistance handling seizure medicines and/or an unique diet regimen, in addition to someone to respond to seizures must they occur at school. If there’s a college nurse, he or she will certainly be your source as well as require to be kept in the find out about whatever pertaining to your youngster’s situation, from prospective medicine negative effects to stressors that might trigger a seizure. Your youngster’s teachers may likewise need to be trained in handling a seizure. Talking to the institution management, the college nurse, and your kid’s instructors about a seizure feedback strategy prior to school begins for the year is a good suggestion.


Even if your child doesn’t have any kind of learning difficulties, epilepsy can impact focus and also memory.7 Seizures can disrupt your child’s capability to make note, focus, or join course, and also seizure medications can make your youngster drowsy or clouded. These issues ought to be discussed prior to school begins also. Your child might need to be on an Individualized Education Strategy (IEP) or a 504 plan, both of which will be designed to meet his/her details demands.8 You can learn more concerning the civil liberties your kid needs to receive a vast array of services and assistance at college in a detailed as well as detailed manual from the

Social Needs

Kids with epilepsy in some cases encounter considerable social challenges, either due to epilepsy itself or existing side-by-side problems like state of mind problems or autism. Peers might not recognize epilepsy as well as hesitate of it. Participating in particular activities may not be feasible because of medical demands. Drug can have side effects like grogginess that make it hard for your kid to interact with others. An IEP or 504 plan can aid address social challenges by putting lodgings in place for your kid to take part in activities and events. Working on social abilities might likewise be advantageous.

Home Safety

When you have epilepsy, specifically if you have difficulty handling it, it is very important to consider making your residence a refuge in the event that you have a seizure. The sort of modifications you make will certainly depend on what kind of seizures you have, how usually you have them, whether they’re controlled, and perhaps your age.
Below are some ideas to assist make your home and daily activities safer:


– Take showers instead of bathrooms. As a result of the potential of having a seizure anywhere, anytime, individuals with epilepsy have a much higher threat of drowning while swimming or showering than others. If your youngster has epilepsy and also he or she is also young for a shower, make certain you always stick with him or her during bath time.
– Talk or sing while you remain in the shower so the people who deal with you know you’re ALRIGHT.
– Hang the door on your bathroom to make sure that it swings out. In this manner, if you have a seizure while you remain in the shower room, someone can get in to aid even if you are obstructing the door.
– As opposed to locking the door, make use of an indicator to reveal the shower room is occupied.
– Use non-slip strips in all-time low of your bathtub.
– Location a rail in the bathtub or shower.
– Make use of a shower curtain instead of a shower door. This makes it much easier for another person to get in to help you if needed.
– If you have constant seizures or your seizures have a tendency to cause you to drop, sit in the bathtub or utilize a shower chair with a portable showerhead.
– Remove mess around your home. The even more stuff you have around, the most likely it is that you’ll get harmed if you have a seizure.
– Usage safety cushioning or covers on any sharp edges or corners. Support heavy products that could drop and harm you if you bump them, like Televisions, computers, as well as bookcases.
– If you live alone, consider a paramedic alert system so you can get help if you need it.
– Look around each room to see what can potentially be damaging if you or your kid have a seizure there. If you require help with this, speak with your physician regarding potential resources.

Memory Issues

Memory issues are really common when you have epilepsy.7 Your attention period and also your capability to procedure, shop, and retrieve details can all be impacted by epilepsy. If you’re experiencing memory troubles:.
– Make a “to-do” list that contains pointers such as due dates, essential jobs for that day, and also visits.
– Use a calendar to help advise you of vital days, whether it’s paper or digital.
– Keep a pen as well as a notepad neighboring or in your pocket or bag to jot down/remind you of important conversations you could have had that day, a brand-new task you might have discovered at the workplace, or a vital contact number. You can also utilize your smart device for this.
It’s also a great suggestion to write down anything and every little thing that has to do with your epilepsy, from signs and symptoms to feelings to experiences. This can help you and your healthcare provider determine seizure triggers and also track your development.

Work Matters

Despite the many treatment alternatives that are available to aid manage seizures, you may hesitate that you’ll have issues obtaining a job or keeping one– even when your seizures are well managed. Nonetheless, researches reveal that people with epilepsy that are employed have a much better lifestyle, so there’s excellent incentive to obtain and also maintain a task.9.
It’s a myth that if you have epilepsy, you’re less capable than others when it involves task efficiency. Individuals with epilepsy execute well in many task areas, consisting of high offices. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was apparently identified with epilepsy adhering to a seizure in 2007.


There are government as well as state legislations in place that are developed to stop companies from victimizing individuals with epilepsy. Among these regulations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), forbids discrimination versus individuals with any type of type of disability.
For instance, employers are restricted to ask whether you have epilepsy or any other medical condition before a job offer is made, and also you’re not called for to reveal your problem during that procedure. Employers can ask about your health and wellness standing and may even need a medical examination complying with a work offer, yet they must treat all candidates similarly.
There are some good reasons to divulge your epilepsy to your company, as well as there are additionally some excellent reasons not to. This is a personal choice, not a need.
If your task calls for a pee medicine evaluating examination, know that if you take anticonvulsants such as phenobarbital to treat epilepsy, these medications can generate positive test outcomes.


Special Accommodations

If you have epilepsy, there are no special lodgings needed while you’re on the work. Nonetheless, just as with any chronic health condition, taking your medications as well as caring for yourself and also your general wellness is critical. If you have a very demanding work that requires you to work lengthy hrs or different changes, make sure that you obtain sufficient sleep which you do not skip any doses of your medication.


Job safety is additionally important, specifically if your seizures are not totally regulated. There are many small adjustments that you can make so that your workplace is much safer in case a seizure takes place while you get on the work. You can additionally check out functioning from home rather.
Security requirements for settings where you should drive vary from one state to another.10 If you have epilepsy, some states might require you to be seizure-free for a specific amount of time before you’re permitted to drive, whereas others may call for the authorization of a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink alcohol if you have epilepsy?

Ask your doctor to see to it. Small amounts might be OK, yet many people with epilepsy go to danger for seizures if they consume three or even more alcohols in a day. Seizure drugs can also lower your tolerance for alcohol.

Should you eat certain foods if you have epilepsy?

If your epilepsy isn’t well controlled with medication, your medical professional may suggest attempting a ketogenic diet plan, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet regimen that may help to control seizures. The ketogenic diet calls for particular dimensions of calories, proteins, and also liquid as well as can be hard to comply with. Before attempting the diet plan, you ought to obtain a physician’s approval and also advice from a dietitian to make certain you’re getting the nutrients you require.


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