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My Left Arm Numbness? Heart Attack?

Heart Attack, Poor blood supply, Trauma, Degenerative disease, Other causes, Treatments, Outlook



Is this reason for worry?

Left arm tingling could be due to something as basic as sleeping placement or as severe as a cardiac arrest. In in between are lots of various other potential reasons. This puts on tingling in the right arm also.

A momentary feeling of pins and needles in your left arm is generally no peril. It will likely settle on its own. However if it continues or you have any type of uncertainty regarding the reason in all, it deserves calling your medical professional.

Seek emergency situation medical support if you likewise have:

  • chest pain and pressure
  • back, jaw, or shoulder pain
  • skin discoloration
  • swelling or infection
  • breathing or swallowing problems
  • confusion
  • sudden headache
  • facial palsy
  • nausea, vomiting
  • sudden balance and coordination problems

Continue reading to discover some of the causes of a numb left arm.

Poor blood supply
Problems with your arteries and capillaries can hinder the blood supply in your arms. Vascular conditions are more likely to occur if you have diabetics issues mellitus, high blood pressure, or kidney failing. They can additionally be due to injury, tumors, or other malformations.

In addition to pins and needles and tingling in your arms and also hands, you may likewise have:

  • pain
  • swelling
  • abnormal coloring of the fingertips
  • cold fingers and hands

Treatment depends on the cause and also may include pressure wraps or a surgical treatment to repair the impacted capillary.

Traumatic causes

Bone fractures

Pins and needles of the arm can be the outcome of a bone crack. You’re likewise most likely to have pain as well as swelling.


The bones must be rearranged and also your arm needs to be avoided from relocating till it heals. Just how this is accomplished relies on the degree of the injury. Minor fractures can in some cases be treated with a cast or support alone. Significant breaks can require surgical procedure to align and maintain the bones correctly.


A warmth or chemical melt on your arm could create tingling. This is particularly real of a burn that permeates the skin as well as destroys nerve endings.

Minor burns can be dealt with at home with awesome water or a cold, wet compress. If there is damaged skin, you can use oil jelly. Don’t utilize butter or topical steroid lotions due to the fact that they can lead to infection. Cover the location with a nonstick plaster, as well as let blisters heal by themselves.

Most likely to the emergency clinic if you have a large melt, have various other health problems, or notice any type of signs of infection. For serious burns, call 911. Such burns can be lethal as well as call for complicated would care.


Insect bites

Insect stings and attacks don’t impact all of us the same way. Some people have serious allergies as well as others experience just minor signs. These may include feeling numb or tingling around the affected area.

Deal with light attacks by washing the area as well as using a cool compress. Over-the-counter antihistamine can help reduce itching.

  • trouble breathing
  • swelling of the throat, lips, or eyelids
  • nausea, cramps, or vomiting
  • rapid heartbeat
  • faintness or confusion

Herniated disk

A herniated disk in your neck can cause numbness, weak point, and a prickling experience in one arm. It can likewise cause emitting pain in the arm, neck, or shoulders.

It can be treated with remainder, cold and heat applications, and over the counter pain relievers. If symptoms proceed, see your doctor. Prescription medications or surgical treatment may be needed.

Brachial plexus nerve injury

The brachial nerves diminish the arms from the spinal cord in the neck. Injury to these nerves can disturb messages from the brain to the arms, creating loss of sensation. This can additionally impact the shoulder, elbow joint, wrist, and hand.


Small injuries can improve their own. Extreme brachial plexus injuries may call for weeks or months of physical therapy. Surgical treatment is in some cases required.

Other nerve injuries

Overuse outer nerve injuries can create pinched nerves that cause tingling and pain in your arm or lower arm. For example:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects the median nerve between ligaments and the bones in your forearm
  • cubital tunnel syndrome, which affects the ulnar nerve near your elbow
  • radial tunnel syndrome, which affects the radial nerve from your arm to the back of your hand

Most of these problems can be corrected by:

  • avoiding repetitive tasks
  • avoiding activities that involve pressure to the injured area
  • surgery

Degenerative disease

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy, additionally called cervical spondylotic myelopathy, happens when the spinal cord in your neck comes to be compressed (from degenerative joint inflammation in the neck). This can cause tingling, weak point, or pain in your arm. Various other signs and symptoms are neck discomfort and problem utilizing your hands or walking.

A neck brace or physical therapy may be sufficient. Otherwise, you might need drugs or surgical treatment.

Cervical spinal stenosis

Cervical back constriction is a constricting of the spine in your neck. This can be due to cervical spondylotic myelopathy. This can lead to feeling numb, prickling, and weak point of your arm. It can also affect the feet, urinary system bladder, as well as bowel.


It’s treated with medicines, physical therapy, and also occasionally surgical procedure.

Other causes

Heart attack

For some individuals, feeling numb of the arm is a symptom of a cardiovascular disease. Among other symptoms are:

  • chest pain and pressure
  • pain in either arm, jaw, or back
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • nausea or vomiting

A heart attack is a serious emergency situation. Call 911 without delay.


A stroke takes place when there’s a disturbance in the arterial blood supply to part of the mind. Mind cells start to pass away within a few minutes. Signs commonly influence one side of the body and also can include tingling of an arm, leg, or the lower face. Other signs are:

  • speech problems
  • confusion
  • sudden headache
  • vomiting
  • dizziness, balance and coordination problems

Stroke requires immediate medical therapy.

A transient ischemic assault (TIA) is often called a ministroke. The signs and symptoms are the same, but the lowered arterial blood supply to the mind is short-lived. You must still see your medical professional as soon as possible.


First aid relies on the kind of stroke. Blood flow to the brain should be promptly restored. Treatment may likewise include clot-busting medicines and/or surgical procedure to repair capillary. A period of healing and also rehabilitation is entailed.

Multiple sclerosis

Numbness as well as prickling are frequently part of the first signs and symptoms of several sclerosis (MS). Feeling numb in your arm can make it hard to raise or hold things well. MS disrupts the conduction of signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Some other

  • balance and coordination problems
  • fatigue
  • dizziness, vertigo

There’s no particular therapy for this sign of MS. It may settle when your flare-up subsides. Corticosteroids are typically made use of to treat flare-ups, which can also help normalize experience in your arm.

Vascular thoracic outlet syndrome

Occasionally, nerves or blood vessels that impact your arms end up being pressed. This can lead to tingling, tingling, as well as pain in your arms, hands, and neck. Your hands might turn pale blue or be slow to heal injuries.

Vascular thoracic outlet syndrome can be treated with drugs and physical therapy. Surgical procedure may be needed.


Peripheral neuropathy

Feeling numb in your arm could be a sign of peripheral neuropathy. This suggests that there’s some damages in the peripheral nervous system. Arm pins and needles is one sign of this condition. Others are:

  • tingling or burning sensations
  • muscle weakness
  • abnormal reactions to touch

A few of the a lot more serious signs are muscle losing, local paralysis, as well as body organ disorder.

Infections, diabetes mellitus, hormone or vitamin deficiencies, and toxic substances are amongst the reasons for this condition. Treatment depends upon the reason and can occasionally resolve the trouble.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency

Outer neuropathy can occur when you do not obtain enough vitamin B-12. You may likewise establish anemia. Other signs and symptoms of nerve damages are:

  • numbness, tingling, or pain in your hands or feet
  • lack of coordination
  • sensory loss
  • general weakness

Treatment involves increasing B-12 in your diet with foods such as:

  • red meat
  • poultry, eggs, fish
  • dairy products
  • dietary supplements

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome

Wernicke-Korsakoff disorder can likewise cause outer neuropathy. The syndrome is due to thiamine (vitamin B-1) deficiency. Signs and symptoms consist of complication, disorientation, as well as an unstable gait.

It’s treated with thiamine replacement treatment, alcohol abstinence, as well as boosted diet regimen.


Migraine headache

A hemiplegic migraine headache is one that creates short-lived weakness one side of the body. It can create your arm to go numb or create that “pins and also needles” feeling. Migraine headache also creates one-sided head discomfort, queasiness, and light sensitivity.

Migraine headaches are treated with over-the-counter and prescription-strength medications.

Lyme disease

Tingling of the arm can be as a result of neglected Lyme condition. It can also cause shooting pains or tingling. A few other signs and symptoms are:

  • skin irritation at the site of the tick bite, or bull’s-eye rash
  • headache, dizziness
  • facial palsy
  • tendon, muscle, joint, and bone pain

Lyme illness can be treated with antibiotic therapy.

Lead poisoning

Exposure to high degrees of lead can cause pins and needles of the extremities. Some other symptoms and signs of acute lead poisoning are:


  • muscle weakness
  • pain
  • nausea, vomiting
  • metallic taste in your mouth
  • poor appetite, weight loss
  • kidney damage

Chelation treatment is made use of to remove lead from your system when lead poisoning is serious.


Right here are a couple of ideas for handling numb arms:

  • If you tend to have numb arms in the morning, try adjusting your sleeping position. A wedge pillow can keep you from sleeping on your arms.
  • When your arm becomes numb during the day, try performing some simple movements to improve circulation.
  • Avoid repetitive shoulder, arm, wrist, and finger movements. Try to disrupt the pattern by taking frequent breaks from these movements.

If arm numbness is hindering your work or other daily tasks, it’s a good idea to allow your medical professional check it out. Particular therapies rely on the reason. Treating the underlying condition may reduce your symptoms.


Arm feeling numb can resolve itself in a matter of days or weeks. The long-term outlook depends upon the cause. Speak to your doctor regarding your details case.

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